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CÔNG TY TNHH Offshore and Industrial services (23/gp-bv)

Offshore and Industrial services limited

Quality Isn’t Expensive It’s Priceless”



Offshore & Industrial Services Limited was initially established in 2002 as a 100% Foreign Owned Investment Company, with an Investment    License issued by the Vietnamese Government - Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Also active in the Gas and Industrial Sectors, Covering Design, Consultants, Development, Investment, Fund Manager, Manufacture, and Export and Import Activities.


OIS Group’s aim is to provide all Clients with efficient and optimal solutions that meet all requirements of safety, environmental and industrial standards, with a core team of experienced personnel and an established record.


OIS Group’s endeavor to provide a service that is relevant to the work required and that fully meets the Client’s expectations with respect to cost, scope and end product.


Associated Companies:


1.0       Mandate for Suppliers for the following products:

Copper Cathodes. Copper Concentrate and other non ferrous metals.

Kazakhstan Export Blended Crude Oil. GOST 51 858-2002 (K.E.B.C.O), Light Cycle Oil (LCO), Low Sulphur Diesel 50 ppm, Auto Diesel Fuel Oil EN 590 10ppm, Diesel D2, Fuel Oil CST-180 / CST 380, Gasoline Octane 87/95, D6 Virgin Fuel Oil, Aviation Fuel JP 1/ JP54, Bitumen 60/70 - 85/100, Petro Chemical Coke.


2.0       Includes a company for the design/manufacture/installation/spares of pipe mill production machinery and complete turn key SAW pipe mills, along with Hydraulic Presses & Levelling Systems for Wind Turbine Monopile which are designed and fabricated in our associated company facilities In South Korea.


3.0       Also, in Vietnam the fabrication and associated services to the onshore & offshore oil & gas Industry and industrial sectors.

          The companies hold the following certification, ASME “U”, “U2”, “S”, NBBI “R”, NBBI “NB”, ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 Quality-OHSAS Management Systems accredited by DNV, UKAS and ABS.


4.0       Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) for Homes & Industrial Markets.